ADC Adtemp 429 Non Contact Thermometer-ADC429 Each

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ADC Adtemp 429 Non Contact Thermometer-ADC429 Each

Overview for ADC 429 Adtemp™ Non-Contact Thermometer
The Adtemp Non-Contact Thermometer from ADC takes forehead temperature in about one second using infrared technology, avoiding cross-contamination.


 The infrared sensor takes accurate temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius while being held 4-6 cm away from the patient's forehead without any skin contact. The large backlit LCD display is clear and easy to read. An audible beep lets you know when the temperature is ready, with a night mode option which mutes this function.

Additional Features:

  • The measurement feedback system signals correct operating distance to ensure accuracy. The thermometer has a memory capacity of 30 results and it has a wide temperature range. The device will shut off after 30 seconds for conservation of the battery. It uses 2 AAA batteries, which are included.
  • The thermometer dimensions are 5" x 2.06”x 1.75" and it weighs 3-ounces.
  • The AdtempTM 429 offers 2 scan modes:
  • 1. Human Mode
  • 2. Object/Liquid Mode
  • Noncontact simplifies temperature measurement—ideal for screening
  • Measures in about 1 second without patient contact eliminating the concern of cross contamination or costly probe covers
  • Measurement feedback system signals proper operating distance for accuracy
  • Measures at a distance of 4-6cm (1.5"-2.5") from patient's forehead
  • Dual mode - body and object
  • Large backlit LCD display is easy to read
  • Wide Temp Range
  • 30 reading memory
  • Fahrenheit-Celsius switchable
  • Auto-off function after 30 seconds conserves battery life
  • Audible beep when measurement is complete, Night mode mutes volume

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