OneTouch Log Book By Lifescan

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Onetouch Logbook By LifeScan

LifeScan Logbook Diabetic

OneTouch Diabetic Logbook is used to track blood glucose results from diabetes testing. Glucose results and matching events are recorded in the logbook to allow tracking over time. This tracking method helps you and your attending Person determine over time if your diabetes management program requires any adjustments. OneTouch Logbook is also useful to measure and monitor the impact of daily exercise and foods consumed. 

OneTouch Diabetic Logbook Features & Benefits

  • Determine when how often your blood glucose is in or out of range.
  • Plenty of space to record daily blood glucose levels, insulin dosage and comments.
  • Observing trends over time can help you set goals and make adjustments.
  • Simple and portable, it’s an easy way to share your results with your doctor.
  • Checkbook size for easy convenience and transportability.

The One Touch Log Book allows you to easily record your blood glucose test results, allowing you to compare them overtime. The data shows you and your healthcare professional if you’re diabetes management program is working for you, or if you need to make adjustments. The OneTouch Log Book helps you keep track of daily events like meals and exercises and shows how they can affect your blood glucose levels.


  • Records 27 weeks of data
  • Helps you keep track of daily events like meals and exercises and their effect on our blood glucose level.
  • Allows you to compare your results over time.


  • 1 Lifescan OneTouch Glucose Log Book

Warranty Information
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  • 5
    Onetouch Logbook

    Posted by Christine on 26th Jul 2013

    I did not know you worked there for J&J That very nice of you, Cindy. I work for Cordis Johnson & Johnson Company for 23 year and my HB for 29 year in Miami Lake Florida.

  • 5
    Onetouch Logbook

    Posted by Rani on 25th Jul 2013

    Good Book

  • 5
    A must have

    Posted by Jones on 25th Jul 2013
    Offered great price and Fast shipping, even standard shipping it faster than other online stores including Amazon it self

  • 5
    Great Handy Book.

    Posted by jordans on 25th Jul 2013

    As other Said about this book on this page, Great Handy book a must have item for Every Diabetic Person

  • 4
    All Of These Offer Great Prices Cheapest Diabetic Supplies

    Posted by agolcarpweece on 22nd Jul 2013

    Buy it at right price and at right place. Got us great prices and always with Great Smiles

  • 5
    A must have Log book

    Posted by Robbert on 17th Jul 2013

    This is the item for everyone who has to show record to His/Her Doctor every month. Must have it. Small and Handy booklet,

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by ktnqwnmj on 29th Jun 2013

    From my Experience, even if you have all the PC record and other thing to keep your Daily Diabetes For your doctors and other things. Its always good to have things old Fashion way meaning. Keep a Book handy, When EMT comes to your home they don't look at your Computer they look at your Medicine Cabinet. if they have Your Log book they can see your Record right not the DOT/.
    Diabetes Is not Something to take Easy it is a Fact that its a Deadly problem and people can have lots of problem if they don't keep things straight and right. Take an Advice from me Use your Glucose Diabetes Log book it hardly cost anything.
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