Perform Pain Relieving Roll On 3 oz. TB12126

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Perform® Pain Relieving Roll-on 3 oz TB12126

Perform® Pain Relieving Roll-On 3 oz, Cooling Menthol Formula, Grease less

Perform® Pain Relieving Roll-On, from the makers of Biofreeze, provides soothing relief for arthritis, sore muscles, and joint discomfort. The roller ball application allows effective delivery of Perform® gel to smaller muscles and joints throughout the body for a hands-free application. The massaging action of the roller ball can be used to stimulate trigger points in the affected area. The roller ball applies the gel gently and evenly on to the skin. The proven cooling menthol formula provides fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief, allowing you to enjoy life pain free and without aspirin or NSAIDs.

  • Convenient and hands-free application
  • Roller ball allows for product to apply evenly while applying gentle massage
  • Great for feet and other soft tissue
  • Product Code TB12126


  • x Perform Pain Relieving Roll-on 3oz


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