Perlege Belgian Sugar Free Chocolate 2.99 oz - 2 Full Size Dark Chocolate, Blueberries & Almond Cookies

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Perlege Belgian Chocolate Sugar Free - Full Size Bar 2.99 oz - Dark Chocolate, Blueberries & Almond Cookies [ 2 Bars ]

The New Perlège Range is the result of years of research to find a recipe fit for The Chocolate Connoisseur. A beautifully balanced chocolate which can please any chocolate lover who wants more. People suffering from weight and/or health problems, do not have to eat bad tasting "no sugar added" chocolate, they can indulge in a gourmet healthy treat.

  • Less Calories (about 18% less than regular chocolate)
  • High fiber content (good for the digestion)
  • Does not cause tooth decay
  • Contains extracts from the Stevia plant, a natural sweetener with a positive effect on the production of insulin in the blood
  • Fit for diabetics 


Cocoa mass, dietary fibers (Inulin, olingo fructose), sweetener (malititol), Cocoa butter, blueberry (5,2%), wheat flour, vegetable fat (palm oil), almonds (0,8%), natural flavour (berries, vanilla), sweetener: steviol glycosides (extract from the stevia plant; E960), whole milk, egg yolk powder, soya flour, emulsifier(soya lecithin), rising agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate, disodium diphosphate, wheat starch), barley malt, cinnamon, salt.

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