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PetTest Glucose SOS Energy Boost 10 ml For Diabetic Pet [3 Pack]

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PetTest Glucose SOS Energy Boost 10 ml Triple pack Total 30ml 

NEW AND IMPROVED Glucose SOS Energy Boost for Pets is a fast-acting glucose product that raises your pet's blood sugar quickly and effectively. Almost instantly recovers energy!

Unlike the usual remedies (Karo syrup or honey to the gums, treats, etc.), Glucose SOS Energy Boost for Pets provides a controlled, precise and repeatable treatment of a concentrated glucose gel in each tube.

Pets LOVE the delicious meat stew flavoring!

Whether for the vet clinic, at home, or on the go, don't be without Glucose SOS for Pets!

When our dogs are diagnosed with diabetes there is a lot we need to learn and knowing how to treat a hypoglycemic event is extremely important. The same goes for dogs that are not diabetic but experience hypoglycemic events due to other diseases like insulinoma, liver disease and Addison’s. Working dogs can experience exertional hypoglycemia, also called hunting dog hypoglycemia. Toy breeds are also at risk for hypoglycemia especially when they are puppies.


Deionized Water, Dextrose, Natural Flavor with Yeast Extract, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (preservatives). 

How much glucose do I give my dog?” During an emergency like a hypoglycemic event dosing a dog the correct amounts can be confusing. The great news is that PetTest has made giving dextrose easy and dogs love the meat stew flavor!

Dosing for Glucose SOS Energy Boost for Pets is simple! Each squeeze tube is 1 mL and has 4.16 grams of dextrose.

Dosing Instructions:

Small dogs (e.g., Chihuahua) – give 1 mL (1 squeeze tube)

Medium dogs (e.g., Cocker Spaniel) – give 2 mL (2 squeeze tubes)

Large dogs (e.g., German Shepherd) – give 3 mL (3 squeeze tubes)Standard protocol for humans per the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is the 15-15 Rule. This protocol is also followed for hypoglycemic dogs, the exception here is t


  • 1 Triple Pack Pettest SOS Total 30ml tubes 

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