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Adscope 603 2-hd Stethoscope, Dark Green

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Adscope 603 2-hd Stethoscope, Dark Green 


ADC Adscope - 603 helps doctors and healthcare professionals to listen for abnormalities in the body. This stethoscope is more durable than other stethoscopes because it is made from stainless steel and other high-quality materials. With its Adjustable Frequency Diaphragm (AFD) technology, different frequency levels of sound can be heard, making a diagnosis of a patient more efficient.

The hearing amplifier comes in three different colors: Black, Dark Green, and Frosted Lilac. Each variation comes with a reinforced yoke and double-leaf spring to promote flexibility and improved functionality. They also come with an accessory kit with two pairs of comfortable, spare ear tips.

Features and Benefits

  • Soft Tubing
  • Snug Ear Tips
  • Lightweight
  • Receptive Diaphragm
  • Transportable
  • Long-wearing

How to Use Adscope Stethoscope 603

Pull the ear tips apart, making sure they are pointed away from you. Place the tips in the ears, and put the diaphragm directly on the skin or on an uncovered surface. For high-frequency sounds, press down on the diaphragm with a finger. After listening, pull the diaphragm off, and take out the ear tips.

How to Clean ADC Adscope 603 Clinician Stethoscope

  • Clean between patients using a wipe with alcohol or soap and water.
  • As needed, clean all parts of the stethoscope with a wipe by removing them individually, except for the chest piece.
  • Avoid storing the device in extreme temperatures.
  • Don't immerse the instrument in liquids like oil, blood, or water.

ADC Adscope 603 Parts Specifications

  • Manufacturer: American Diagnostic Corporation
  • Application: Listening Aid
  • Length: 30 in.
  • Weight: 5.77 oz.
  • Chest Piece Type: Combination
  • Chest Piece Finish: Satin
  • Diaphragm Material: Epoxy/Fiber Glass
  • Headset Type: Clinician
  • Headset Finish: Satin
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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