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Bayer Data Cable USB for Next One and Next Meter

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Bayer Data Cable USB for Next One and Next Meter 

The USB Cable from Bayer is a custom made cable that allows users to download data from their meters to a computer. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. A single USB port can be used for multiple devices. This gives users great flexibility. It also supports plug-and-play installations. Some newer computers are produced with only USB ports. Bayer will offer this new product to allow users to take advantage of our diabetes management software WinGLUCOFACTS. Its blue color makes it easy to identify among all USB cables offered by our competitors. Bayer will continue to have two types of cables the existing DB9 connector (9-pin serial) and the new one a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable. The new cable will replace the need for the USB to Serial Cable adapter. Each cable works with a different connector; check your computer to see which best fits your needs.

  • The USB Data cable is designed to work with blood glucose meters from Ascensia’s data management software GLUCOFACTS® Deluxe.
  • This USB cable has a serial port to connect Ascensia’s blood glucose meters.

Compatible meters include:

  • CONTOUR Next One USB meter and Contour Next Meter 
  • USB Data Cable is not compatible when connecting your blood glucose meter to a Mac computer.


  • x Bayer Cable USB Cable for Next One and Next Meter

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