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BD Veo Syringes 31g 3/10cc 6mm Half Unit Markings 100 Count

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BD Veo Syringes 31g 3/10cc 6mm Half Unit Markings 100 Count

BD Veo Insulin Syringes Features

  • Feature the shortest BD Ultra-Fine needle, 53% shorter than the 12.7-mm needle 
  • Preferred by most patients over their current needle length
  • BD Veo insulin syringes provide an approximately 8x lower risk of intramuscular injection compared to a 12.7-mm needle
  • Syringe with a 6mm needle reduces the risk of injecting into the muscle
  • Designed for single use only. The needle is thinner and more delicate for greater comfort, so needle reuse can damage the tip and cause injury.
  • They have a 5-year shelf life. They should always be stored in a temperate, dry area.

How to dispose of BD Veo Insulin Syringes?

  1. Recap the needle: After using the syringe, carefully place the needle cover back on the needle. Be cautious not to touch or recap the needle with your hands to avoid accidental needlestick injuries.
  2. Do not bend or break the needle: It's important not to bend or break the needle. Keeping the needle intact ensures safe handling during disposal.
  3. Use a sharps container: Place the used insulin syringe with the capped needle into a sharps container. Sharps containers are puncture-resistant and designed specifically for the safe disposal of medical sharps. You can obtain a sharps container from a pharmacy, healthcare provider, or local waste management service.
  4. Seal the sharps container: When the sharps container is about three-quarters full or as instructed by local regulations, close and seal the container securely. Follow any specific guidelines provided by your local healthcare facility or waste management service.
  5. Label the container (if required): In some areas, it may be necessary to label the sharps container. Use a permanent marker to write "Biohazard" or "Sharps" on the container to indicate its contents.
  6. Dispose of the container: Check local regulations to determine the proper method of disposal in your area. Some options include:
  • Contact your local waste management service
  • Community programs
  • Mail-back services:

This Sales include: 

  • 1 box of 100 syrings 

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