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7th Dec 2012

Test Strips

Bayer’s CONTOUR® Test Strip Technology

Use CONTOUR® test strips with your new CONTOUR® USB meter from Bayer.

  • No Coding™ technology
  • Automatically compensates for maltose and other common interferences, for reliable results
  • Fast 5-second test time
  • Small 0.6 μL blood sample


Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB blood glucose monitoring system has been specifically designed to reduce many of the causes of inaccurate blood glucose readings to simplify blood glucose testing for patients and strengthen confidence in test results.

No Coding™ Technology
Common Interferences


No Coding™ Technology

When it comes to testing your blood glucose, accuracy is key.

Bayer is the pioneer of No Coding™ technology, which ensures that the correct code is automatically set any time a new test strip is inserted and eliminates inaccurate results due to miscoding.

How does it work?

Bayer’s CONTOUR® test strip has a unique layout of electrodes for each calibration code, which is recognized by Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB meter upon insertion. So you can confidently use test strips from any CONTOUR® test strip bottle with Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB meter to avoid inaccurate results due to coding errors.

What is manual calibration (or coding)?

Manual calibration is when you have to physically match each new batch of test strips with your meter. It involves either:

  • Entering a calibration code number (found on the test strip packaging) into the meter
  • Or inserting a chip (provided with the test strips) containing the code into the meter


Did you know?

Studies have shown that about 16% of patients with diabetes miscode their meter when using a manually coded blood glucose meter.1-4

Failure to enter the correct calibration code or to change the chip with each new batch of strips may cause an incorrect reading and be associated with insulin dosing errors. The probability of an insulin dosing error of 2 units may be as high as 50% with a miscoded meter.5

In 2004 and 2005, an estimated 13% of emergency department visits due to adverse drug events for U.S. patients 65 years or older were attributed to insulin.6

If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your healthcare provider.

Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB meter and CONTOUR® test strips and their No Coding® technology automatically eliminate inaccurate blood glucose readings due to meter miscoding.