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Dermaseptin Soothing Skin Protectant, 4 Oz.

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Dermaseptin Soothing Skin Protectant, 4 Oz.:-


Dermaseptin soothing skin protectant, 4 oz.It is a non-prescription skin cream that provides a barrier to prevent irritation from moisture and to promote healing. DermaSeptin is a soothing Skin Cream that serves as a Barrier Protectant and Skin Ointment to treat skin irritations. DermaSeptin is a nonprescription skin barrier ointment that is accessible to everyone who desires better Skin Care. Manufactured by DermaRite, DermaSeptin Skin Cream provides a barrier to prevent skin irritation from moisture. DermaSeptin Skin promotes healing for skin that has been damaged from incontinence, leaking feeding tubes, wound exudates and perspiration.



  • Contains soothing zinc oxide and calamine
  • Prevents irritation cased by moisture
  • Promotes healing using unique mixture of ingredients
  • Menthol helps to manage dry or weeping skin
  • 4 ounce tube of ointment.

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