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Embrace Blood Glucose Meter & Test Strips Bundle - 200 Test Strips, Talking Monitor

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Embrace Blood Glucose Meter & Test Strips Bundle - 200 Test Strips, Talking Monitor, No Coding Required

Key Features :

  • 200 Test Strips: The bundle includes 200 Embrace Blood Glucose Test Strips, ensuring a long-lasting supply for convenient and regular testing.

  • Talking Monitor: The Embrace Blood Glucose Meter features a talking monitor that guides users through easy steps, providing a user-friendly experience for individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer audible instructions.

  • No Coding RequiredThe test strips in this bundle require no coding, simplifying the testing process and reducing the risk of coding errors.

  • Alternate Site TestingThe Embrace Blood Glucose Test Strips offer the convenience of alternate site testing, allowing users to obtain blood samples from areas other than fingertips for less discomfort and greater flexibility.

  • Small Sample Size: The test strips require only a small sample size, making the testing process less invasive and more comfortable for users.

  • Accurate Results in 6 SecondsThe Embrace Blood Glucose Meter provides accurate blood glucose results in just 6 seconds, allowing for quick and efficient monitoring.

  • Audible Test Results: The meter offers audible test results in English or Spanish, catering to individuals with different language preferences and ensuring accessibility for all users.

  • On/Off Audible FeatureUsers can control the audio output with the on/off audible feature, allowing them to customize their experience according to their preference.

  • Lifetime WarrantyThe Embrace Blood Glucose Meter comes with a lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind and ensuring long-term reliability.

Package Contents:

  • 4 x Packs of 50 Test Strips: The bundle includes four packs of 50 Embrace Blood Glucose Test Strips, providing a sufficient supply for consistent monitoring.

  • 1 x Embrace Meter: The package also includes one Embrace Blood Glucose Meter, featuring a talking monitor, no coding required, and accurate results in 6 seconds.

The Embrace Blood Glucose Meter & Test Strips Bundle offers a convenient and reliable solution for individuals managing diabetes. With its user-friendly features, accurate results, and ample supply of test strips, this bundle empowers users to monitor their blood glucose levels effectively. Please consult with a healthcare professional regarding the proper use of the Embrace Blood Glucose Meter and Test Strips for optimal results and effective diabetes management.

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