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Briggs Legacy Sprague Rappaport-type Stethoscope 30 - Adult, Red

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Briggs Legacy Sprague Rappaport-type Stethoscope 30  Adult, Red 

Mabis Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope is a 5 in 1 tool for faint heart sounds or murmurs on Adult, Peds and Infants. It includes 5 Interchangeable Chest Pieces, 3 Bells and 2 Diaphragms with 22 Inch Y tubing and 3 different sized ear tips 

About this item

  • LIGHTWEIGHT STETHOSCOPE features outstanding acoustics while detecting heart and lung sounds in adult, pediatric and infant patients for home or professional use

  • MULTIUSE STETHOSCOPE for adults, pediatrics and infants has 22 inch vinyl acoustic tubing that maintains two uninterrupted sound transmission channels to preserve acoustic integrity while sealing out extraneous sounds for precise quality and accuracy

  • CUSTOM FIT SECURE AND COMFORTABLE EARTIPS are included in 3 different sizes for an individualized fit that conforms to the ear for security and comfort during extended use

  • DIAGNOSE PATIENTS OF EVERY AGE WITH 1 INTERCHANGEABLE EASY TO USE STETHOSCOPE that can accommodate adults, peds and infants with a full range of diagnostic applications traditionally used to detect faint heart sounds and murmurs

  • STETHOSCOPE SPECS: Includes 5 interchangeable chest pieces, 3 bells (adult, pediatric and infant), large and small diaphragms, and 3 different sized ear tips with heavy-walled 22" vinyl tubing

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