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Medihoney Gel 1-1/2 Oz. Tube

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MediHoneyWound & Burn Dressing Gel

Medihoney Wound and Burn Dressing Gel by Integra Lifesciences (formerly Derma Sciences)is a honey-based gel wound dressing that is made from a blend of Leptospermumhoney (also known as manuka honey) along with natural vegetable esters. This combination creates a honey gel that is thicker than traditional Medi Honey Paste, which means it sticks to the wound bed more easily making it easier to apply. This Wound Dressing is made to treat superficial to full-thicknesswounds, including ulcers, partial-thickness first and second-degree burns, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, necrotic tissue, and skin graft sites. It is also an effective choice for hard to heal wounds, such as tunneling, undermined, chronic, or stalled wounds. In addition, it is medical grade as itis completely sterilized to reduce the risk of infection. The wound and burn dressing is also all-natural while non-toxic, which makes it safe to use for patients of any age. Finally, it may be used from the start of advanced wound care treatment through to wound closure, which keeps wound management an uncomplicated, no sweat process.


Features & Benefits:

  • All-Natural

  • Made with Active Leptospermum Honey

  • Thickened Honey for Better Adhesion

  • Ideal for Superficial to Full-Thickness Wounds

  • Great Option for Stalled or Chronic Wounds

  • Anti-Inflammatory ,Antibiotic/Pesticide-Free & sterile

  • Antibacterial& Antioxidant Agent

  • High Osmotic Potential

  • Easy Dressing Changes that Don't Harm the Wound & Cleanses the Wound Bed

  • Lowers Wound pH Levels Non-Toxic

  • Provides Pain-Free Autolytic Debridement

  • Pulls Fluids Out of the Wound, Can Be Used From Beginning to End of the Healing Process

  • Removes Wound Debris

  • Removes Unhealthy, Dying Tissue & Reduces Odor

  • Heals Wounds Significantly Faster than Conventional Dressings

  • Helps Balance Moisture & Maintain a Moist Wound Environment

  • Can Be Used for Soreness or Cracking Caused by Breast-Feeding



  • 80%Leptospermum Honey

  • 20%Natural Gelling Agents 

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