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A&d Medical A767PVS- One-step Plus Memory Blood Pressure Monitor With Small Cuff

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A&d Medical One-step Plus Memory Blood Pressure Monitor With Small Cuff Each AEUA767PVS 

A sleek, easy-to-use blood pressure monitor with one button operation plus advanced features. 

The UA-767 Pro blood pressure monitor incorporates the latest technology for accurate measurements at home. The One Step Pro Memory monitor is fully automatic and inflates to the correct pressure each time a measurement is taken. The monitor stores the last 90 readings in memory and also displays average readings. The average reading feature automatically calculates the "average" of the total readings stored in memory.


  • Clinically validated for accuracy
  • One button operation
  • 90 reading memory
  • Irregular Heartbeat feature - Alerts you of the presence of an irregular heartbeat and provides blood pressure and pulse rate measurements even if an irregular heartbeat occurs
  • Large digital display
  • Fast measurement
  • Latex free
  • Provides simultaneous readout - of systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse rate
  • Calculates and displays average blood pressure readings
  • Alerts the user of the presence of an irregular heartbeat during reading
  • Clock display with date and time stamp for logging and trending measurements
  • Display: Digital: 16mm Character height (BP), 10mm character height (Pulse)
  • Pressure and pulse displayed simultaneously
  • Pressurization: Automatic, using micro pump
  • Deflation: Automatic exhaust
  • Battery Life: Approx. six months with one daily measurement
  • Power Source: Four type AA alkaline batteries (1.5 volt) or AC Power Adapter (TB:181).
  • Batteries  Included / AC power adapter not included.

What's Included

  • 767 Blood Pressure Monitor
  • One Cuff - Size Small (fits 6.3-9.4” arms)
  • Instruction manual (in 3 languages)
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Quick start card
  • Blood pressure logbook
  • 5 Year Warranty on machine / 2 Year Cuff Warranty


  • Upper Arm Measurement: Small Cuff Measures to 6.3 to 9.4 Inches


The AHA recommends the following:


  • Sit quietly while taking your blood pressure.
  • Rest for 5 to 10 minutes beforehand.
  • Keep your legs uncrossed and feet flat.
  • Sit with your back straight.
  • Rest your arm on a table so cuff is at heart level.


It's Important to Know Your Numbers


Your blood pressure can vary throughout the day by as much as 30 to 50mmHg. Things like stress, exercise, and even when you eat, drink or smoke can impact your numbers.


That's why it's important to consistently take your blood pressure at the same time every day so you know what's normal for you. Speak to your doctor about what your target range should be and what to do if your readings are outside of that range.


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