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Overt Women's Work-It-Out Active Tank Top with Special Pockets for Insulin Pump Users

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Introducing Overt Collection Activewear Tank Top Where Style Meets Diabetic Care

In the Overt Collection by Curative Diagnostics, we've redefined activewear to prioritize not only style but also your diabetic care. Our Activewear Tank Top is a testament to this commitment. Designed with your health in mind, it features two innovative front pockets with discreet access holes, allowing you to comfortably and securely house your insulin pump catheter. Beyond its unique functionality, this tank top is a stylish and comfortable essential that empowers individuals to embrace their active lifestyle while managing their diabetes with ease.


Key Features:

-  Innovative front pockets with access holes for insulin pump catheters

-  Premium activewear material for ultimate comfort and breathability

-  A fashion-forward statement in the Overt Collection, designed for your well-being


Elevate your activewear wardrobe with the Overt Collection Activewear Tank Top by Curative Diagnostics, where style seamlessly meets diabetic care.

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