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Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing 6" x 11 yds, Sacral Shape 4 Rolls

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3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing 6" x 11 yds, Sacral Shape 16006

The Tegaderm Transparent Film Roll provides an effective waterproof barrier against bacteria and viruses. This clear tape can be easily customized to fit specific treatment areas, ensuring flexibility that conforms to the body and provides a comfortable fit. Its transparency enables caregivers and patients to monitor the secured bandage or medical device. Manufactured by 3M, these transparent dressings feature a thin film backing with non-latex, hypoallergenic adhesive, promoting breathability for oxygen and moisture vapor exchange.

Laboratory testing confirms Tegaderm's efficacy as a barrier against HIV-1 and HBV, maintaining integrity without leakage. It's important to note that Tegaderm Dressings are not a substitute for sutures or primary wound closure methods. 3M offers alternative transparent film dressing options such as HP Transparent Dressings and +Pad Dressings.

Tegaderm Dressings are versatile and suitable for various applications, including:

  1. Covering and protecting catheter sites and wounds.
  2. Creating a moist environment for optimal wound healing.
  3. Assisting in autolytic debridement.
  4. Safeguarding against first and second-degree burns.
  5. Securing devices to the skin.
  6. Shielding superficial partial-thickness burns.
  7. Treating stage I or II pressure ulcers.
  8. Ensuring the cleanliness of closed surgical incisions.
  9. Providing protection for abrasions, skin tears, and blisters.
  10. Acting as a secondary dressing.
  11. Offering a protective cover for at-risk skin.
  12. Serving as a protective eye covering.
  13. Addressing skin graft donor sites.
  14. Supporting autolytic debridement through a moist wound healing environment.
  15. Acting as a protective eye covering.
  16. Post-tattoo application and removal.


  • 4 pack box Item 16006



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