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Unistik 3 Gentle 30G x 1.5mm - 50 Ct - (2 Pack)

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Unistik 3 Gentle 30G x 1.5mm - 50 Ct - #AT 1027 [ 2 Pack ]

The Owen Mumford Unistik 3 Lancets are a disposable device used to pierce the skin in three easy steps to retrieve blood for sampling. Lancing devices allow both patient and caregiver quick access to a sample from the finger or heel. Unistik 3 is specially designed for speed, safety, and convenience. There are five choices of Unistik 3 Lancing devices for low blood flow, medium blood flow, high blood flow, and a dual-purpose design for both high blood flow at the heel, or low blood flow for the finger. It is a tool for single-use to be used by diabetics and clinicians for a variety of applications.

Range/Which Gauge to Use

  • Gentle: Blood glucose testing and pediatrics
  • Comfort: Blood glucose, cholesterol, and hemoglobin
  • Normal: Blood glucose, and large sample testing e.g. liver function, cholesterol, and hemoglobin
  • Extra: Large sample testing e.g. cardiac markers, coagulation, and blood gases
  • Dual/Neonatal: Low flow heel stick or finger blood glucose, electrolytes, hematology testing

Design Features with Comfort Zone Technology

What sets Unistik 3 from others is its Comfort Zone Technology, or CTZ, a circular raised beaded edge at the tip of the lancing device. The patented design triggers a pressure point response to the brain by stimulating the nerves so that the brain sends a message of comfort to ease the pain from the needlestick. The clinical study data below shows users had reduced pain from the fingerstick with CZT in comparison to the sampling conducted without this patented technology.

Easy Operation Features

Other design features include a side release button and side-fire activation to decide when and how much pressure is applied at activation. An arrow provides an alignment guide to give precise location the device will activate. After activation, the needle will automatically retract into the device to prevent accidental sticks, cuts, cross-contamination, and re-use. Each lancet is etched with a lot number for traceability.

How to Use Unistik 3 Blood Sampling Lancets

  • Twist off the cap and discard.
  • Use the top arrow to align to the activation site. Press the lancet on the finger or heel and press the release button.
  • Dispose of in a sharps container.



  • CZT Delivers Near Painless Sampling Finger sticks
  • Comes in a Variety of Gauges for Blood Flow Types and Pediatrics
  • Three Easy Step Activation
  • Needle Retracts for Safety
  • Disposes After Use


  • Manufacturer: Owen Mumford
  • Product Numbers: AT1028, AT1027, AT1022, AT1024, AT1048, AT1047, AT1042, AT1044, AT1006, AT1008, AT1007, AT1002, AT1004, AT1016, AT1016, AT1018, AT1012, AT1014, AT1062, AT1064


  • Gentle: Pediatric and Frequent Testing
  • Comfort: Low Flow Blood Glucose Testing, HbA1c
  • Normal: Medium Flow Blood Glucose Testing, Cholesterol, HbA1c
  • Extra: High Flow Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, HGB, PT/INR, and Similar Tests
  • Dual: Low Flow Heel Stick Tests and High Flow Fingersticks


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