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Stingfree Skin Prep Wipes

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Stingfree Skin Prep Wipes:-


Stingfree skin prep wipes.Alcohol-free liquid skin prep and shield.Protects up to 72 hours.Forms a quick-drying transparent protective film between skin and contaminants.Aids in the prevention of skin maceration. StingFree is a Skin Prep Barrier that forms a transparent protective film between the skin and urine or feces. StingFree Skin Prep is available in cloth wipes or spray. Manufactured by DermaRite, StingFree Skin Prep Barrier Wipes provides alcohol free skin protection. StingFree will not interfere with absorbent pads or clog diapers. Forming a moisture barrier, StingFree helps protect from skin maceration or rashes. StingFree Wipes provide up to 72 hours of protection and guards the skin from friction and stripping cause by adhesives. StingFree Spray forms an extra barrier over intact skin in fragile areas, including Stage 1 pressure ulcers, suspected deep tissue wounds and blood blisters.


  • No sting.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Provides 72 hours moisture protection.
  • Non-tacky transparent film barrier.
  • Quick drying.

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